tenantsAt Thomson Residential Lettings we understand that tenants often feel like they are overlooked in the process of renting and that their needs are not recognised.

Many times have we come across tenants who have expressed dissatisfaction in the service they have received from their current landlord and the usual complaints emerge of repairs not being undertaken in a timely manner, queries not being answered, lack of general maintenance in the property and unnecessary delays or unexpected deductions during the deposit return process.

Our view is that a successful tenancy is one where the three parts of the agreement take their responsibility seriously. This means that tenant, landlord and letting agent all understand their part in the process and act according to these principles for the duration of the contract. When this happens and communication is done effectively then in our experience the tenancy flows from beginning to end without a hitch, resulting in satisfaction and a welcome rental experience for all parties. Things can of course go wrong, this is sometimes unavoidable, however in our view the key is to keep it simple, communicate effectively and work together to achieve a satisfactory resolution. We appreciate that the last thing a tenant needs whilst juggling their own commitments is to have to constantly fight to get things done.

At Thomson Residential Lettings we truly believe that we can provide an enjoyable and productive experience for our tenants, allowing them to simply focus on the important things in their life. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference.