Having 20 years experience in the letting industry you could assume that you’ve seen it all.

At Thomson Residential Lettings we realise however that the market is constantly changing and we need to continually adapt to the ever changing demands that are placed on both the letting agent and the landlord.

Fundamentally though, we believe that the key to effective management is to keep it simple.

Service.  It is a small word but one that comes up time and time again when in conversation with landlords.  So many times have we spoken to a landlord who is letting their property and is unhappy with the service their current agent is providing.  The complaints are always the same and it always comes down to one thing – communication.  Landlords are fed up with companies not taking them seriously and being treated as just a number.  Thomson Residential Lettings are committed to providing a service level that is second to none.  As an independent business it is of critical importance that our clients are happy with the service we provide, as only by achieving that can we pick up new clients through positive word of mouth.  We really feel that we can make a difference to the whole experience of rental for landlords.

The service requirements for new landlords echo those of experienced landlords with the obvious exception of that daunting feeling you get when you consider renting for the first time.  What certification do I need? How do I get a tenant?  How are repairs dealt with?  What happens if rent is outstanding?  We recognise these fears and are on hand to guide new landlords through the process and work with our clients to form a successful partnership that makes letting your property easy.

Why not contact us for a free, no obligation conversation regarding your rental requirements?  We are happy to visit you at your property to discuss the service we can provide in person and show you how Thomson Residential Lettings can help.

At Thomson Residential Lettings we truly believe that we can provide an enjoyable and productive experience for our Landlords, allowing them to simply focus on the important things in their life.  Contact us today to see how we can make a difference.